- Find TOP Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegans

Top 10 Rich Foods for Vegans

Find Top 10 Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegans!
Foods quantities are per portion.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxydant, helps collagen synthesis and stimulates immunity.
Iron helps using oxygen.
Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption.
Top Vitamin C Rich Foods for Vegans
426%320mgguava (140g)
338%253mgblackcurrant (140g)
208%156mgyellow bell pepper (85g)
175%131mgfresh orange juice (250ml)
173%130mgkiwifruit (140g)
136%102mgkale (85g)
133%100mglitchi (140g)
115%87mgpapaya (140g)
114%85mgpummelo (140g)
110%82mgstrawberry (140g)
Top Iron Rich Foods for Vegans
52%9.3mgsoybeans (250ml)
39%7mgraw yellow beans (100g)
39%7mglentils (250ml)
28%5mgkellogg's froot loops (30g)
27%4.8mgfalafel (140g)
26%4.7mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
25%4.4mgtoasted sesame seeds (30g)
24%4.3mgspirulina (15g)
19%3.4mgcandied ginger root (30g)
17%3mgspinach (85g)
Vitamin E and Selenium are antioxydant, and act in synergy.
Top Vitamin E Rich Foods for Vegans
92%14mgwheat germ oil (10ml)
70%11mgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
52%7.9mgdried almond (30g)
35%5.2mgcandied ginger root (30g)
31%4.6mghazelnuts (30g)
29%4.3mghazelnut oil (10ml)
26%3.9mgpeanuts (50g)
26%3.9mgalmond paste (30ml packed)
25%3.8mgsunflower oil (10ml)
20%3mgfrozen spinach (85g)
Top Selenium Rich Foods for Vegans
1046%575µgbrazilnuts (30g)
103%57µgspaghetti (215g)
70%39µgcouscous (140g)
42%23µgsoybean kernels (250ml)
38%21µgshiitake (85g)
36%20µgwhole-grain wheat flour (30g)
33%18µgpinto beans (250ml)
30%16µgkellogg's special k (30g)
29%16µgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
29%16µgrye (45g)
Vitamin A comes from 2 sources: Retinol and beta-Carotene.
Vitamin A plays a role for growth, skin, and both low-light and color vision.
beta-Carotene also acts as an antioxydant.
Top Vitamin A Rich Foods for Vegans
341%2384µgcarrot juice (250ml)
151%1057µgsweet potato (110g)
144%1007µgcanned pumpkin (125ml)
103%724µgboiled carrot (85g)
93%654µgkale (85g)
73%513µgfrozen spinach (85g)
70%493µglambsquarters (85g)
49%345µgboiled collards (85g)
47%330µgdandelion greens (65g)
40%283µglettuce (65g)
There is no Retinol in Foods for Vegans

Top beta-Carotene Rich Foods for Vegans
967%23199µgcarrot juice (250ml)
527%12660µgsweet potato (110g)
374%8983µgcanned pumpkin (125ml)
327%7842µgkale (85g)
295%7082µgboiled carrot (85g)
256%6151µgfrozen spinach (85g)
247%5916µglambsquarters (85g)
170%4092µgboiled collards (85g)
159%3805µgdandelion greens (65g)
142%3397µglettuce (65g)
Folic Acid (aka Vitamin B9, Vitamin Bc or Folacin) and Vitamin B12 play a major part in protein synthesis.
Top Folic acid Rich Foods for Vegans
97%389µgraw yellow beans (100g)
95%379µglentils (250ml)
63%253µgsoybean kernels (250ml)
49%197µgred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
38%152µgitalian bread (50g)
36%145µgfalafel (140g)
35%141µgcollards (85g)
34%137µgdried dulse (15g)
34%135µgsplit peas (250ml)
33%132µgpasta (215g)
Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods for Vegans
3%0.071µgregular beer (5%) (1 can (355 ml))
3%0.071µglight beer (4%) (1 can (355 ml))
2%0.044µgfrench salad dressing (30ml)
1%0.034µgraw mushroom (85g)
1%0.021µggeneral mills golden grahams (30g)
1%0.015µgrosé wine (150ml)
0%0.01µgbread (50g)
Vitamin B6 acts in protein metabolism.
Magnesium regulates the transmission in the nervous system.
Vitamin B6 enhances Magnesium absorption.
Top Vitamin B6 Rich Foods for Vegans
53%0.69mghearts of palm (85g)
42%0.54mgcarrot juice (250ml)
40%0.51mgbanana (140g)
34%0.44mgraw yellow beans (100g)
33%0.43mgsoybeans (250ml)
32%0.42mgraw plantain (140g)
31%0.4mgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
29%0.38mgpistachio (30g)
29%0.37mglentils (250ml)
28%0.36mgavocado (140g)
Top Magnesium Rich Foods for Vegans
69%222mgraw yellow beans (100g)
56%178mgpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
54%174mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
49%156mgsoybeans (250ml)
44%142mgespresso (175ml)
37%119mgprickly pear (140g)
36%115mgfalafel (140g)
35%113mgbrazilnuts (30g)
35%111mgkellogg's all bran (30g)
34%110mglinseeds (30g)
Riboflavin (aka Vitamin B2) acts in fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Riboflavin also stimulates growth, enhances Iron absorption and protects vision.
Riboflavin enhances Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid use.
Top Riboflavin Rich Foods for Vegans
74%0.81mgkellogg's corn flakes (30g)
50%0.55mgspirulina (15g)
47%0.52mgmaple syrups (30ml)
47%0.52mgsoybeans (250ml)
38%0.42mgdried dulse (15g)
34%0.37mglambsquarters (85g)
31%0.34mgpassion fruit juice (250ml)
31%0.34mgraw mushroom (85g)
30%0.33mgraw yellow beans (100g)
29%0.32mgcorn chips (50g)
Calcium and Phosphorus are the base components of bones.
Calcium plays a role in the regulation of heart reate and in blood coagulation.
Phosphorus plays a role in carbohydrates and proteins metabolism.
Vitamin D regulates the use of Calcium and Phosphorus.
Vitamin D also stimulates immunity.
Top Calcium Rich Foods for Vegans
27%297mgtoasted sesame seeds (30g)
25%275mghépar (500ml)
24%263mglambsquarters (85g)
20%219mgboiled lambsquarters (85g)
17%192mgchâteldon (500ml)
17%185mgsoybeans (250ml)
15%170mgwhite beans (250ml)
14%151mgrozana (500ml)
12%130mgfrozen spinach (85g)
11%122mgdandelion greens (65g)
Top Phosphorus Rich Foods for Vegans
70%488mgraw yellow beans (100g)
64%445mgsoybeans (250ml)
62%435mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
54%377mglentils (250ml)
53%370mgpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
50%347mgtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
43%300mgkellogg's all bran (30g)
38%269mgfalafel (140g)
32%225mglupins (250ml)
31%218mgbrazilnuts (30g)
Top Vitamin D Rich Foods for Vegans
9%0.43µgmushroom (85g)
3%0.16µgcanned mushroom (125ml pieces)
3%0.15µgraw mushroom (85g)
2%0.085µgshiitake (85g)
2%0.085µgenoki (85g)
1%0.028µgdried shiitake (4g)
Niacin (aka Vitamin B3, Nicotinic Acid or Vitamin PP) and Pantothenic Acid (aka Vitamin B5 or Pantothenate) act in fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Top Niacin Rich Foods for Vegans
85%12NEsoybean kernels (250ml)
66%9.3NEespresso (175ml)
62%8.7NEpeanuts (50g)
58%8.1NEsoybeans (250ml)
48%6.8NEraw yellow beans (100g)
39%5.4NEenoki (85g)
37%5.2NEkellogg's all bran (30g)
36%5.1NEsplit peas (250ml)
36%5NElentils (250ml)
35%4.9NEpasta (215g)
Top Pantothenic acid Rich Foods for Vegans
61%3.1mgshiitake (85g)
42%2.1mgtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
39%1.9mgavocado (140g)
37%1.8mgmushroom (85g)
27%1.3mglentils (250ml)
25%1.2mgsplit peas (250ml)
21%1mgadzuki beans (250ml)
19%0.97mgsweet potato (110g)
18%0.91mgenoki (85g)
18%0.9mgwhole-wheat macaroni (215g)
Copper plays a role in metabolism.
Manganese plays a role in carbohydrates metabolism.
Manganese also acts as a cofactor for many enzymes.
Top Copper Rich Foods for Vegans
136%1.2mgsesame seeds (30g)
110%0.99mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
102%0.92mgspirulina (15g)
85%0.76mgshiitake (85g)
82%0.74mgsoybeans (250ml)
80%0.72mgadzuki beans (250ml)
74%0.67mgcashew nuts (30g)
63%0.57mglinseeds (30g)
61%0.55mgtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
61%0.55mghearts of palm (85g)
Top Manganese Rich Foods for Vegans
233%4.2mgpineapple juice (100ml)
165%3mgwhole-wheat macaroni (215g)
147%2.6mgpine nuts (30g)
144%2.6mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
140%2.5mgkellogg's all bran (30g)
123%2.2mglinseeds (30g)
104%1.9mgrice cakes (50g)
99%1.8mggarbanzo beans (250ml)
94%1.7mgdry brown rice (45g)
93%1.7mghazelnuts (30g)
Zinc has roles in the metabolism of RNA and DNA, signal transduction, and gene expression.
Vitamin K is needed for blood coagulation and metabolism.
Top Zinc Rich Foods for Vegans
76%6.1mgcanned beans (250ml)
47%3.8mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
40%3.2mghearts of palm (85g)
33%2.7mglentils (250ml)
30%2.4mglupins (250ml)
30%2.4mgkellogg's bran flakes (30g)
29%2.3mgpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
29%2.3mgsesame seeds (30g)
26%2.1mgfalafel (140g)
26%2.1mgsoybeans (250ml)
Top Vitamin K Rich Foods for Vegans
772%694µgboiled kale (85g)
562%506µgdandelion greens (65g)
511%460µgfrozen spinach (85g)
482%434µgcollards (85g)
467%420µgboiled lambsquarters (85g)
391%352µgcress (65g)
360%324µgpurslane (85g)
309%278µgswiss chard (85g)
167%150µgescarole (65g)
133%120µgbroccoli (85g)
Potassium regulates water movements.
Potassium plays a major role in the nervous system and in muscles contraction.
Sodium has an impact on blood pressure.
Top Potassium Rich Foods for Vegans
37%1762mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
33%1535mghearts of palm (85g)
28%1293mgadzuki beans (250ml)
20%936mgsoybeans (250ml)
17%819mgfalafel (140g)
16%772mglentils (250ml)
16%750mgsplit peas (250ml)
15%728mgcarrot juice (250ml)
15%726mgpassion fruit juice (250ml)
15%699mgraw plantain (140g)
Top Sodium Rich Foods for Vegans
188%2442mgtofu (salted and fermented) (85g)
95%1240mgcanned navy beans (250ml)
78%1013mgcanned bell pepper (125ml halves)
69%899mgonion soup (250ml)
66%854mgvichy saint-yorre (500ml)
38%496mgsauerkraut (125ml drained)
32%412mgfalafel (140g)
31%407mgpeanuts (50g)
30%394mgcanned spinach (125ml)
30%394mgsalsa sauce (60ml)
Food Energy is used for metabolism.
Proteins are one of the building blocks of body tissue, and can also serve as a fuel source.
Top Food Energy Rich Foods for Vegans
28%566kcalsoybean kernels (250ml)
23%466kcalfalafel (140g)
17%345kcalraw yellow beans (100g)
17%340kcalspaghetti (215g)
16%314kcalsoybeans (250ml)
15%293kcalpeanuts (50g)
13%260kcalcorn chips (50g)
13%253kcaloriental mix snacks (50g)
12%246kcalbarbecue potato chips (50g)
12%244kcalsplit peas (250ml)
Top Proteins Rich Foods for Vegans
77%42gsoybean kernels (250ml)
55%30gsoybeans (250ml)
50%27glupins (250ml)
40%22graw yellow beans (100g)
34%19glentils (250ml)
34%19gfalafel (140g)
31%17gsplit peas (250ml)
23%12gspaghetti (215g)
22%12gpeanuts (50g)
16%9.1gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
Carbohydrates are a common source of energy.
Thiamine (aka Thiamin or Vitamin B1) plays a role in Sugars assimilation.
Top Carbohydrate Rich Foods for Vegans
24%66gspaghetti (215g)
22%61graw yellow beans (100g)
20%54ggrenadine syrups (60ml)
20%54gpineapple juice (100ml)
19%54grice noodles (215g)
17%46gorange soda (1 can (355 ml))
17%46gweetabix (55g)
16%45graw plantain (140g)
16%45gfalafel (140g)
16%44gsplit peas (250ml)
Top Thiamine Rich Foods for Vegans
93%1mgweetabix (55g)
63%0.69mgraw yellow beans (100g)
45%0.49mglinseeds (30g)
40%0.44mgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
36%0.39mgsplit peas (250ml)
36%0.39mgpasta (215g)
33%0.36mgmacadamia nuts (30g)
32%0.36mgspirulina (15g)
32%0.35mglentils (250ml)
27%0.3mgpita (50g)
Cholesterol is required to build and maintain membranes.
Lipids / Fats stock energy.
There is no Cholesterol in Foods for Vegans

Top Lipid Rich Foods for Vegans
41%30gsoybean kernels (250ml)
33%25gfalafel (140g)
33%25gpeanuts (50g)
30%23gmacadamia nuts (30g)
30%22groasted pecan nuts (30g)
27%21gavocado (140g)
27%21gpine nuts (30g)
27%20gbrazilnuts (30g)
27%20ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
26%20gwalnuts (30g)
Top Saturated fat Rich Foods for Vegans
69%17gdessicated coconut meat (30g)
32%8gcoconut oil (10ml)
18%4.5gbrazilnuts (30g)
18%4.5gpalm oil (10ml)
18%4.4gsoybean kernels (250ml)
16%4gbarbecue potato chips (50g)
14%3.6gmacadamia nuts (30g)
14%3.6ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
14%3.4gpeanuts (50g)
13%3.3gfalafel (140g)
Top Monounsaturated fat Rich Foods for Vegans
71%18gmacadamia nuts (30g)
57%14gfalafel (140g)
56%14ghazelnuts (30g)
55%14gavocado (140g)
53%13groasted pecan nuts (30g)
49%12gpeanuts (50g)
40%10groasted almond (30g)
33%8.2gcashew nuts (30g)
29%7.4gbrazilnuts (30g)
29%7.3gpistachio (30g)
Top Polyunsaturated fat Rich Foods for Vegans
69%17gsoybean kernels (250ml)
57%14gwalnuts (30g)
45%11gtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
41%10gpine nuts (30g)
38%9.6ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
37%9.2gsoybeans (250ml)
34%8.6glinseeds (30g)
33%8.2gbarbecue potato chips (50g)
31%7.8gpeanuts (50g)
28%7gcorn chips (50g)
Omega 3 and Omega 6 are Polyunsaturated Fats.
Top Omega 3 Rich Foods for Vegans
631%6.9glinseeds (30g)
509%5.6gflaxseed oil (10g)
248%2.7gwalnuts (30g)
87%0.96gwalnut oil (10ml)
79%0.87gfrench salad dressing (30ml)
76%0.84gcanola oil (10ml)
58%0.64gwheat germ oil (10ml)
57%0.62gsoybean oil (10ml)
27%0.3groasted pecan nuts (30g)
10%0.11gsesame seeds (30g)
Top Omega 6 Rich Foods for Vegans
95%11gwalnuts (30g)
93%11gtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
83%10gpine nuts (30g)
75%9ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
53%6.4ggrapeseed oil (10ml)
53%6.4gsesame seeds (30g)
52%6.2gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
52%6.2gpecan nuts (30g)
51%6.2gbrazilnuts (30g)
50%6.1gsunflower oil (10ml)
Dietary Fiber helps digestion.
Water is the main component of the human body (about 60%).
Top Dietary fiber Rich Foods for Vegans
100%25graw yellow beans (100g)
85%21gsoybean kernels (250ml)
70%18gfrench beans (250ml)
48%12gred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
46%11gsoybeans (250ml)
44%11gfalafel (140g)
40%10gkellogg's all bran (30g)
38%9.4gavocado (140g)
36%9.1gkumquat (140g)
36%9.1graspberry (140g)
Top Water Rich Foods for Vegans
7%193gcanned beans (250ml)
6%159grice noodles (215g)
5%148gpasta (215g)
5%146glentils (250ml)
5%144gsplit peas (250ml)
5%137gwatermelon (150g)
5%135gmelon (150g)
5%131grhubarb (140g)
5%127gstrawberry (140g)
5%125gpummelo (140g)
For human beings, there are 9 Essential Amino Acid.
An Essential Amino Acid cannot be synthesized by the organism and therefore must be supplied in the diet.
Top Histidine Rich Foods for Vegans
190%1.1gsoybean kernels (250ml)
130%0.78glupins (250ml)
102%0.61graw yellow beans (100g)
89%0.53glentils (250ml)
85%0.51gfalafel (140g)
71%0.43gred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
70%0.42gsplit peas (250ml)
50%0.3gpeanuts (50g)
47%0.28gspaghetti (215g)
39%0.23gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
Top Isoleucine Rich Foods for Vegans
171%2gsoybean kernels (250ml)
102%1.2glupins (250ml)
82%0.99gcanned navy beans (250ml)
68%0.82glentils (250ml)
66%0.79gfalafel (140g)
59%0.71gsplit peas (250ml)
41%0.49gspaghetti (215g)
40%0.48gspirulina (15g)
35%0.42gpeanuts (50g)
32%0.38gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
Top Leucine Rich Foods for Vegans
149%3.4gsoybean kernels (250ml)
90%2.1glupins (250ml)
77%1.8gcanned navy beans (250ml)
59%1.4glentils (250ml)
57%1.3gfalafel (140g)
54%1.2gsplit peas (250ml)
41%0.95gspaghetti (215g)
37%0.86gred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
33%0.77gpeanuts (50g)
32%0.74gspirulina (15g)
Top Lysine Rich Foods for Vegans
156%2.8gsoybean kernels (250ml)
84%1.5graw yellow beans (100g)
81%1.5glupins (250ml)
73%1.3glentils (250ml)
69%1.2gsplit peas (250ml)
67%1.2gfalafel (140g)
26%0.46gsprouted lentils (65g)
25%0.46gtofu (salted and fermented) (85g)
25%0.45gspirulina (15g)
24%0.43gpeanuts (50g)
Top Methionine Rich Foods for Vegans
63%0.57gsoybean kernels (250ml)
37%0.33graw yellow beans (100g)
34%0.3gbrazilnuts (30g)
29%0.26gfalafel (140g)
21%0.19glupins (250ml)
21%0.18gwhole-wheat macaroni (215g)
20%0.18gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
20%0.18gsplit peas (250ml)
20%0.18gsesame seeds (30g)
19%0.17gspirulina (15g)
Top Phenylalanine Rich Foods for Vegans
147%2.2gsoybean kernels (250ml)
82%1.2gcanned navy beans (250ml)
72%1.1glupins (250ml)
69%1gred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
66%0.99gfalafel (140g)
62%0.93glentils (250ml)
53%0.8gsplit peas (250ml)
43%0.64gspaghetti (215g)
41%0.61gpeanuts (50g)
35%0.52gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
Top Threonine Rich Foods for Vegans
204%1.8gsoybean kernels (250ml)
112%1glupins (250ml)
103%0.93graw yellow beans (100g)
77%0.69gfalafel (140g)
75%0.68glentils (250ml)
68%0.61gsplit peas (250ml)
50%0.45gspirulina (15g)
49%0.44gspaghetti (215g)
45%0.41gpeanuts (50g)
33%0.3gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
Top Tryptophan Rich Foods for Vegans
256%0.61gsoybean kernels (250ml)
108%0.26graw yellow beans (100g)
91%0.22glupins (250ml)
80%0.19gsplit peas (250ml)
78%0.19gfalafel (140g)
74%0.18gspaghetti (215g)
72%0.17gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
71%0.17glentils (250ml)
58%0.14gspirulina (15g)
50%0.12glinseeds (30g)
Top Valine Rich Foods for Vegans
124%2.1gsoybean kernels (250ml)
71%1.2gcanned navy beans (250ml)
67%1.1glupins (250ml)
55%0.94glentils (250ml)
48%0.82gsplit peas (250ml)
46%0.79gfalafel (140g)
33%0.56gspaghetti (215g)
31%0.53gspirulina (15g)
29%0.5gpeanuts (50g)
28%0.47gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)